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solar clean services keeping your panels at optimal efficiency

Anything stopping UV light from reaching the panels has the potential to reduce the effeteness of your system

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Solar Clean Services offers a professional, top rated and safe solar panel cleaning service in the Chorley and covering the North west. Not only will we clean your solar panels but we are also experienced and qualified solar system installation engineers, who can advise on repairs, upgrades or complete solar system health checks.

Our extensive knowledge and experience means that we know how vital it is to maintain your solar panels to ensure maximum efficiency and financial return. Our professional cleaning services mean that you can be reassured that your solar panels will be expertly treated and cleaned.

Pure Water Systems

pure water solar panel cleaning

Pure water, reverse osmosis process, is a natural and eco friendly cleaning agent. With all the impurities removed it will now absorb dirt and grime whilst breaking down any other deposits. Unlike traditional methods where a cleaning solution is used, there is no grime attracting residue left behind with pure water, keeping your solar panels cleaner for longer.

Experienced Technicians

solar clean services technician

We have a proven track record in cleaning and installing solar panel systems.  Our technicians have years of experience and fully qualified, we will know what the manufacturer of your solar panels recommends in best cleaning practice.

Keep Your System Running at Optimal Efficiency

solar clean services keeping your solar panels at optimal efficiency

Over time your solar panels will become dirty with grime and other deposits, such as bird mess, reducing the amount of sunlight getting through to the panels and thus reducing their efficiency. Regular cleaning will remove the dirt and grime keeping  your panels at 100% efficient.